TTL® Steel Toes & Shanks

TTL® Steel Toes & Shanks


TTL is located at:

Dongguan TTL Safety Footwear Component Co., Ltd.
Shin-Her Industrial District, Wan-Jiang Area
DongGuan, Guangdong, China 523061
Phone: +86-769-87076161 / 22775895
Fax: +86-769-22775815

Contact:Mr. Rick Wang

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Dongguan TTL Safety Footwear Component Co., Ltd. (TTL) is an exclusively foreign-owned enterprise. Located in Wanjiang, Dongguan, TTL specializes in the production of premium metal components (steel toe caps and plates) for the safety footwear industry. It is a new and continually expanding enterprise that is at the forefront of the global footwear manufacturing industry in Southern China.

Since 2004, when it was established, TTL has been continually investing in the development of safety footwear material products, and its production of molded steel toe caps have been engineered to pass CSA and EN12568 certification. Quality, Service and Prestige are paramount to TTL’s success and reputation as a leading supplier to numerous domestic and foreign customers. You can find our product in footwear from the Americas, Canada, India, Brazil, EU and beyond.

TTL maintains four production lines with an annual production of over 5 million pairs. We pride ourselves in our ability to adapt to further development needs of our company and our customers. TTL is always committed to product development and cultivating talented employees, and actively exceeds the top brand of international labour protection in the industry.

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