STEEL-FLEX® protective midsole plate

STEEL-FLEX® protective midsole plate


The STEEL-FLEX® protective midsole plate was developed by Swenco Limited to meet the growing demands of the safety footwear industry. Manufactured of high strength steel and designed to provide maximum coverage and maximum protection.

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STEEL-FLEX® midsoles meet or exceed all existing world-wide safety standards for protective footwear while providing a degree of comfort available in no other safety sole.

STEEL-FLEX® midsoles are available in sizes and shapes to meet the requirements of all types of safety footwear.

When you buy CSA-grade-one Safety Footwear containing Steel-Flex® Safety Midsoles, be assured you are buying a product that contains the best quality steel Safety Insoles in the world.

Swenco has spent almost 40 years supplying and servicing the Canadian, North American, and World footwear industry. We have taken our roll as suppliers very seriously, and have committed ourselves to provide the best quality products in the world to our customers. Our Steel-Flex® steel Safety insoles are no exception!

Our goal is to meet and exceed all of our customer’s expectations. No small part of this goal includes having the right fit and right size Steel-Flex® Insole for our customers. To facilitate this, we have built the largest library of Safety-Midsoles in the world.

STEEL-FLEX® features:

  • 2-Dimensional Forming for added comfort
  • Longitudinal metal grain for improved quality
  • Lightweight strength and unmatched protection
  • Available in many different coatings
  • Exceeds all international safety standards